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Web-Easy - the web design solution for most organisations (Wed, 19/06/2019)


Welcome to this Web-Easy website which has information about a low cost website design and hosting solution to meet your organisation?s website requirements.


Every organisation can benefit from having a website. You want your organisation?s website to look good and reflect the style of the organisation. Also you want the website to provide your visitors with the information (and web based facilities) they are looking for. However, you want your organisation?s website to be set up, hosted and maintained at a reasonable cost.

How can you achieve having a quality website for a low cost?

Well, a good solution is to use the Web-Easy system.


The Web-Easy system is a sophisticated web content management system which is ideal for the following types of website:

  • Small to medium sized business
  • Sports and other clubs
  • Societies
  • Churches
  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Hotels

How does the Web-Easy system work?

The Web-Easy system is a sophisticated web content management system that is ideal for many types of website. The system includes many facilities that make it very easy for you to create and easily maintain various special page types, which are very useful to many organisations. What?s more, you don?t need to have any web design experience to maintain your own website.


Just have a look at the features.



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